Provides BIM and 3D modeling services with levels of detail from LOD100 to LOD500. Help investors and construction contractors control issues related to construction and installation as well as the entire cost of the project.

We aim to deliver BIM models with accurate details so that higher efficiency on site can be achieved.  Our data-rich BIM models have the following features:

  • Delivered in desired Revit versions, Revit Fabrication, NWC, DWG, and or IFC format as required.
  • Embedded with desired level of details ranging from Level of Detail LOD 200 to LOD 500.
  • Model creation for all trades MEPFSC (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Structural & Civil)
  • Create Revit family libraries of MEP FSC components.
  • 4-D and 5-D BIM data-rich models for scheduling, quantity take-off, cost estimation.
  • Informative 3D models from 2D drawings.
  • BIM Models can serve as key input data for Digital Twin hence optimizing facility management.